Naud van der Ven


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What happens when change managers in their urge to change get entangled in their own rationality? The book

The Shame  of Reason in Organizational  Change

by Naud van der Ven (English translation by David Bevan, published by Springer 2011) treats this question. The book now gets its supplement in the form of workshops.

The book

The book’s thesis is that the belief in one’s own change plans can cause a kind of blindness that wrecks many change efforts. But quite often managers become aware of that blindness. For example when they are being confronted with the resistance or the grief of those who are subjected to their plans and thereby fall victim to that blindness.
When this confrontation triggers the question:  ‘what am I doing?’ or ‘am I going too far?’ then we are possibly on to a blind spot or an illusion.

The workshops

Such a theory asks for closer scrutiny on the basis of personal experiences. If those confrontations are so crucial and fertile indeed, what do they look like? That’s the question treated in the workshop Thinking for someone else which is presented on demand by Naud van der Ven.